Thursday, June 16, 2005

Luau Bags

Tomorrow is my son's last day of school, so at the last minute we decided to throw together some party favor bags for his classmates using materials we had alround the house... brown paper lunch bags filled with a lei, a whistle, a friendship ring and a couple of other little goodies. The bags were hole punched and a metal paper fastener was used to keep them closed, then decorated with neon circle stickers.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Brownie cupcakes

I made a batch of brownie cupcakes for the first time, a couple of evenings ago. They didn't last long enough to snag a photo of them, but I was very pleased with the density as opposed to making a typical cupcake from a cake recipe. I baked them just as I would a cupcake.

Back from Singapore

Well, I survived the grueling flight from LA to Singapore, including a brief stop in Tokyo. Sad to report that I didn't really see much craft inspiration while I was there. I did eye spy a cute wine bottle cover made out of silk and trim to look like a kimono robe. I didn't get a picture of them since they were on display inside a store, but they looked exactly like the robes, only miniature size to fit around a wine bottle.

I know it's not craft related, but I also got to go out to sea and pet a rare pink dolphin! Here are a few pictures from my trip.