Friday, May 20, 2005


I'm heading to Singapore this weekend and will be there for a few days. Anyone know of a crafty type store I should check out while I'm there? Or any points of interest for a crafter?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A day with the ultra cool Jackie Guerra?

Like any other day, I logged into my e-mail account and weeded through all those unwanted, pesky spam messages - all 67 of them. In the middle of all of those was an e-mail gleaming back at me from a national women's magazine. Being a devout subscriber to this periodical for many years, I open it up, thinking it may just be a reminder to renew my subscription. Surprise, surprise! It's actually a request for submissions from fans of the uber chic Jackie Guerra! This national magazine sent me an e-mail because they are looking for a fan of Jackie's to spend the day with her in her design studio, learning nifty jewelry making techniques taught by Jackie herself! Well, they didn't have to ask me twice! I sent off my submission to be considered by them, pronto! In the meantime, I'll be sending off little requests to my fairy godmother that I am the one fan chosen for this unique, exciting opportunity. I'm not sure how soon the person chosen will know, but they did say in the e-mail that I'd have to be available one day at the end of June. As if spending a day with Jackie isn't reward enough, the magazine also said that they may do a write-up on the day too! How cool is that? All of my appendages are crossed in the hopes of being the lucky crafter and magazine subscriber chosen for this!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Cupcake Saga Continues...

So, I'm flipping through the latest issue of Ladies Home Journal that arrived in the mail today and page 182 features an article dedicated to the Cupcake. They feature some recipes and some cute decorating ideas as well.

Chocolate Bark - Christmas 2003

I was going through some pictures of older stuff I've made and came across this photo. It's Chocolate Bark I made for Christmas 2003 in festive colors of white, brown, turquoise and red. They went in the Holiday Pails I made alongside bags of peanut butter cookies and rice krispie treats. I never got to taste any of them... (*Note to self: Make an extra batch of all of the above next time!)

Meeting a Crafter Legend

Last year I scored tickets to a couple tapings of The Carol Duvall Holiday Workshop. They taped the show in the middle of summer, but encouraged the audience to wear festive winter clothes. Lucky us - we got to sit outside for hours on end in 90 degree weather waiting for the studio to open. Cameras were not permitted on the studio lot, but of course anyone that knows me knows that I know better than to leave home without mine... After one of the tapings I was able to have my picture taken with Carol Duvall!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cupcakes are everywhere!

For years I have been making my semi-famous, or should that be, semi-infamous cupcakes. Though I enjoy baking, my heart resides in cupcake baking and decorating. Over the course of the past couple months I've been noticing articles being written about cupcakes and cupcake themed websites popping up online. Well, while flipping through my latest copy of Sunset Magazine this afternoon, page 172 presents itself to me in the form of a cupcake article, complete with recipes and mouth watering pictures to illustrate what seems to be the latest craze!