Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Christmas Story

The movie. A classic. The leg lamp - every home should have one... or in my case... two! Coming in July... A Christmas Story Monopoly! Also, for those that might not know... there was a sequel called My Summer Story.

* UPDATE * 08/08/07 - Mine arrived this morning and ooh is it neat! The Monopoly Money has Ralphie's face on it and instead of houses and buildings, the green and red pieces are gift wrapping and crates! Too cute!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birthday Classroom Favors

Tomorrow, little D turns 6, so to celebrate, he asked if he could take in party favors for his class. Here is what I came up with. Since tomorrow is also Flag Day, we added a miniature American flag to each bag. The stickers on the front are word bubbles that I wrote each child's name in. The poem I wrote reads:

Magic Birthday Rock

It's Dylan's birthday
So what does that mean?
Everyone gets a special magic rock
That's shiny and green!

In the summer month's ahead
When finding new things to do is a chore
Rub it for creativity
And let your imagination soar!

Each contains a 'shiny green rock' I picked up at the craft store in addition to the flag and a few small pieces of candy.

Dead Sea Salt Lasagna Chips

I just tried A & J's Dead Sea Salt Lasagna Chips today for the first time and am now hooked. Their crunchy and have a nice salty taste without being overbearing. The ingredients on the back of the bag list only: Unbleached semolina flour, vegetable oil and Dead Sea salt. Seems to me they would have used EVOO instead since they are 'lasagna' chips...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Braised Chili Chicken and Corn

The April 2007 issue of Sunset Magazine had a great recipe for Braised Chili Chicken. Always one to have a hankering for a new chicken recipe to try, I headed to the grocery store and picked up the necessary ingredients. I've made this concoction six times since discovering it; each time tweaking the recipe a little here and a little there. I think last week's go around was the best yet! The kids aren't big on spicy food, so I toned some of the ingredients down, upped the chicken broth to 3 cups and I also added the delicious Pictsweet Seasoned Corn and Black Bean dish to it as well. Ta da! Both kids, including the picky eater, asked for seconds!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Hey folks, Food Chronicles is asking for your help. When you buy groceries this week, take a photo of what you buy and send the picture in. All the details are on the post on the FC website.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Detox Foot Pads

A few months back, I read about BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads. Not so sure about it, but still curious I spied them on sale at a wellness website, so I went ahead and ordered a box. Well, last night was day 2 of using them and so far I'm not sure if they are actually working or not, but both mornings I been greeted with a metallic taste in my mouth. I also feel more energetic than I've felt in a long while despite having gotten the same amount of sleep I always get. There is a 10 day supply in the box, and the company recommends using them for at least 30 days, so I may go ahead and order another couple boxes if I'm still feeling this energetic in a few days. The smell is actually quite pleasant when you go to apply the pad. Removal is another story... Luckily, the smell residue washes off easily.

Anyone else have any experience with these?

* Update * 06/08/2007
Okay, I'm sold! For years, I've constantly had cold hands and cold feet... so much so that my nails turn purple regardless of how warm it is. Since using the detox pads, I no longer suffer from chilly limbs and my energy level is through the roof! I just ordered 2 more boxes to round out my 30 day regimen.