Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birthday Classroom Favors

Tomorrow, little D turns 6, so to celebrate, he asked if he could take in party favors for his class. Here is what I came up with. Since tomorrow is also Flag Day, we added a miniature American flag to each bag. The stickers on the front are word bubbles that I wrote each child's name in. The poem I wrote reads:

Magic Birthday Rock

It's Dylan's birthday
So what does that mean?
Everyone gets a special magic rock
That's shiny and green!

In the summer month's ahead
When finding new things to do is a chore
Rub it for creativity
And let your imagination soar!

Each contains a 'shiny green rock' I picked up at the craft store in addition to the flag and a few small pieces of candy.


Katmom said...

luv the goodie bags for the birthday boy's classmates, oh, & a great big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to him as well. >^..^<

chronicler said...

That is totally cool! I love the packages. I know when I was a kid those types of things were huge, I could save the things forever.