Thursday, May 19, 2005

A day with the ultra cool Jackie Guerra?

Like any other day, I logged into my e-mail account and weeded through all those unwanted, pesky spam messages - all 67 of them. In the middle of all of those was an e-mail gleaming back at me from a national women's magazine. Being a devout subscriber to this periodical for many years, I open it up, thinking it may just be a reminder to renew my subscription. Surprise, surprise! It's actually a request for submissions from fans of the uber chic Jackie Guerra! This national magazine sent me an e-mail because they are looking for a fan of Jackie's to spend the day with her in her design studio, learning nifty jewelry making techniques taught by Jackie herself! Well, they didn't have to ask me twice! I sent off my submission to be considered by them, pronto! In the meantime, I'll be sending off little requests to my fairy godmother that I am the one fan chosen for this unique, exciting opportunity. I'm not sure how soon the person chosen will know, but they did say in the e-mail that I'd have to be available one day at the end of June. As if spending a day with Jackie isn't reward enough, the magazine also said that they may do a write-up on the day too! How cool is that? All of my appendages are crossed in the hopes of being the lucky crafter and magazine subscriber chosen for this!

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elizabeth said...

what a lucky girl you are!!! good luck with that and keep us glitterati updated!

aka emma81399 on glitter