Friday, September 02, 2005

Tip Friday: Baby Wipes

Thanks to my crafty neighbor, "G", for popping by a couple of weeks ago with a brand new brick of baby wipes and the following tip: Use Baby wipes to clean your rubber stamps, I've decided to start something called Tip Friday. Every Friday I'll post a money saving or time saving tip that'll generally be craft or food related. Aside from the obvious (ala wiping baby), what's your baby wipe use tip? Submit it through the comments button below.
Baby Wipes
- Use to clean your rubber stamps
- Use to remove makeup


katmom said...

fyi: those baby wipes also come in handy for the avid "trash-to-treasure" yard sale-aholics....I like rummaging around @ yard sales, flea markets & thrift shops, who knows, maybe someday I'll discover that rare find, but until then It's good to carry along the baby wipes to "wash off" the yuck that one collects from rummaging.
>^..^< kat mom

webgrl said...

my mom used to use it to wipe her car dashboard n things.
I use it for cleaning my hands and workspace when making polymer clay jewellery. Helps with darker colors when u wanna use a light color next. Careful the fibers come off a little but its not too annoying.
Also i use it for a quick wipe up of my computer and my desk.
My stereo too.
Its good for wiping up crumbs cuz the wetness makes it adhere a little.

Curlygirl019 said...

Hi! Love your Blog! My Wipe tip is that you can use them in many cases for a stain wipe for your clothing when you're out & about. Also for a quick wipe on your carpet. upholstery, etc...I also keep them in my car for wiping down the dash, leather, etc...

Keep up the good work!
Deanna in Redlands Ca

Craft & Bake said...

Thanks, you all! Those are great tips. Curlygirl019, thanks for the kind words too!