Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I confess...

Following in Cooking with Amy's footsteps, who followed in David Lebovitz's footsteps - I've decided to step into the Kitchen Confessional too.

Here goes:
* I have a bread machine I've used once in the 6+ years I've owned it.
* I bought a George Foreman grill and although I used in religously when I first purchased it, it's been years since the last time it was put to good use.
* I avoid recipes that call for using egg whites for no other reason than because it seems like too much of a hassle to separate the egg yolk from the egg white.
* I find mayonaise disgusting and have never bought it before.
* I have never drank coffee in my life.
* I don't like fruit and haven't eaten it since I was about 4 years old.
* I have never baked a pie.
* I do not like cookbooks that do not show photos of at least half of the recipes in said book.
* Despite the logic behind it, I still consider tomatoes a vegetable, not a fruit.
* I enjoy decorating cupcakes, cookies and cakes, but I do not like to bake them.
* I once bought a package of phyllo dough that sat in my freezer for well over a year... errr... two years.... uhhmmmm.... okay three years that I never used.
* I have yet to bake anything with phyllo dough.
* When I bake or cook something from a recipe, I never follow the instructions... not even the first time I make it.
* I have never eaten sushi.

Whew! Who's next?


Amy Sherman said...

Ah the phyllo guilt. I know it well. I have an unopened box in my freezer too. I also have a bag of cranberries in there from last thanksgiving!

LisaSD said...

I had the same bread-machine problem...I even did a ton of research to buy just the right machine, and then didn't really use it much...I finally got rid of my machine...can't even remember what I did with it. I didn't need that guilt sitting on my counter!

Craft & Bake said...

Amy - At least you won't have to buy any cranberries for the upcoming Thanksgiving!

Lisasd - Yeah, mine used to sit on my counter until the guilt got to me... so now it's just in the back of a very, very deep cabinet... with my rice cooker.