Monday, March 13, 2006


Earlier this month (actually, in my last post) I blogged about a new book I discovered called AlternaCrafts. Well, I finally got a chance to sit down and flip through it... finally, a new craft book with fun new projects to make that hasn't been recycled from internet websites! There are several pages tagged for my to-do list from this book! I can't wait to try the 'newspaper flowers.' There are knitting projects in this book too. I don't know how to knit (or crochet for that matter!), but I know there are a bunch of online crafters who do know how to, so I thought I should mention it. Anywho, the book also has one of those spiral bindings too, so it makes it easier to flatten the pages out when reading the project pages. I wish all craft books were made like that... This book gets a thumbs-up.

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conservative girl said...

I am currently making the rug from the book with Tshirts on a burlap backing, and it is taking FOREVER. I would recommend using a rub backing because it is impossible to get the strips of tshirts through the burlap.