Friday, January 05, 2007

Crafting with the Kids

With a two week winter vacation the kids have been on, I was on the hunt for a craft project or two to do with them. I stumbled across Crafting With Kids: Creative Fun for Children Aged 3-10 online and decided to order a copy even though I hadn't heard any reviews about it yet. The kids LOVE this book! Ooh! Ahh! Mommy, look at this! Sure, like any other craft book on the market today, some of the projects can be found online, but the combination of the beautiful photography and great project samples is more than enough reason to purchase a book like this. The kids have already done several projects (on their own I might add) from the book and I'm sure they will be doing more before their winter break is up. For less than $12, this book is a great investment to keep boredom at bay.

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