Friday, September 16, 2005

T-Shirt & Tank Top Folding 101

Posting this tutorial for myself so as not to forget to try it, but for those that also missed the demo on Martha's Show, here it is. Click photo to enlarge.
There are many demos online demonstrating this method, including this video and this video (which also includes how to fold a tank top). Clearly Martha didn't invent this, but it's still pretty cool and new to me!
Oh, and I might as well add this one too for the heck of it. :)


webgrl said...

another martha-ite! YES!! lol
I been demoing that t shirt folding to EVERYONE since i saw it that first day on martha.
I am absolutely nuts over folding a tee now...yes..i might need therapy

Craft & Bake said...

Ha! Hi, webgrl! That t-shirt folding tip was pretty darn cool, even if Martha didn't invent it. So far it's been one of the only things that have 'wow'd' me about her new show.