Monday, January 16, 2006

Real Simple TV revisted

Back in mid-November 2005 you may recall that I blogged about a new show on PBS called Real Simple. Well, now that it's been on for a couple of weeks, I thought I should blog about it again. A series recap thus far. The show is hosted by three co-hosts/actors with somewhat varied acting backgrounds. Rob Keefe is my favorite of the three so far, though none of the three is what I would have envisioned as hosts of a tv show put out by Real Simple Magazine.

The show itself reminds me a lot of the original Martha Stewart daily show with the annoying soft focus camera shots and the 30 minute show is like having a show dedicated just to Martha's 'Good Things.' Hey, now there's a show for you Martha, 'Good Things.' Hmmm... Anyway, Real Simple the show has some potential to move on to one of the main networks (NBC, ABC or CBS); especially if they lose that fuzzy soft focus lens! Just kidding. Anyone else catch the show and if so, what'd ya' think?

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Jesser said...

I looked for it in my area, but no dice. :( Seems like we get stuff slower than the E. coast.